Sprouting Foodies

Pediatric Dietitian

Empowering mamas to raise
healthy, adventurous & intuitive little eaters

Hi lovely Mama!

My name is Dina Totosegis and I’m the voice, heart, and soul behind Sprouting Foodies.

As a new mama myself, I’m sure we share at least one thing in common: the motivation to nourish our little ones to their fullest potential.

And if you’re like me, with an appetite for good food, you want to set them up for a lifetime of healthy and enjoyable eating.

As a registered dietitian, I’m passionate about researching the latest evidence on early child nutrition and providing you with bite-size knowledge you can apply.

As a fellow dietitian once told me, “feeding is an art, even if nutrition is a science”. This is why it has become my purpose to empower you to raise a healthy, intuitive, and adventurous little foodie. Essentially, a kid who grows up exploring new foods, listening to their body, and sharing fun experiences with others at the table.

Kids are not born foodies!


It is our role as parents to provide them with nutritious foods and a peaceful mealtime experience so as to transmit the joy of eating.

Feeding your kids does not have to equal short-order cooking, mealtime battles, and selective eating behavior.

It’s possible to cultivate good eating habits and to train/refine/enrich your kids’ taste buds – Mama don’t worry, I’m here to show you the way!

What I can do


I’ll help you understand the best foods to make meal time fun and nourishing for your little foodie.

Baby Led Weaning

Let your little one lead the way and learn to become a healthy and not too picky eater.

Family Coaching

Fostering healthy eating habits is easier and better for everyone when the whole family is on board.

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